Welcome to Shop for Change, the website dedicated to helping change the world through social enterprise.

If you are a commercial business, you can exercise corporate social responsibility and make a difference to society and the environment by buying from social enterprises. Social enterprises trade only to meet social and environmental objectives, reinvesting their profits in achieving those objectives.  

If you are a social enterprise, charity, voluntary or community group, you can demonstrate your commitment to the civil society sector by choosing to buy from social enterprises, giving them more money to invest in achieving their objectives.    

If you are a private individual, you can show that you support ethical business practices and using business to change the world for the better by putting social enterprises at the top of your shopping list.

We’re here to help you source all the products and services you need from social enterprises. 

  • To find a supplier, consult our ‘Where to Shop’ list. If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know and we’ll do our best to either source an existing supplier or encourage someone to start trading to fill the gap;
  • If you know of any social enterprises not listed, again let us know and we’ll invite them to join the directory; 
  • Most importantly, sign up to  the Shop for Change Pledge. You can then display the Shop for Change symbol on your emails, on your website, on your Facebook page or at your place of work to show that you are committed to trying to buy whatever you can from social enterprises;
  • And, please encourage others to join the Shop for Change campaign.
  • Together we can change the world through social enterprise!

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