Team Advant~Age

advant~age is a Social Enterprise that started trading in April 2011, it was created to enable its founder charities to generate unrestricted income through offering a range of products and services to their supporters and service users.  From an initial starting point of four founder charities, advant~age has grown the number of charities that it works with and now helps twenty-one charities across England and Wales to generate income to help continue to deliver their charitable aims.

“The main challenge that we are experiencing at the moment is convincing the charities that we are speaking to that there isn’t a catch! Many organisations find it hard to believe that they can generate income using advant~age without any financial investment required. We meet with the individual charities as often as they need to find out what suits them best and then we can start working together to help them generate income. The best part about it all is exploring different options and suggestions that come up and find ways to make them work. Our ethos is to never say ‘no’ but to take ideas away and try and find a way to make them happen” Jenni Brighton, General Manager, advant~age.

advant~age can help to provide everything that charities need to get started. advant~age provides each partner with a web link to their own personalised advant~age web page. This offers all of the products and services that the charity has chosen to include in their product range. The web page is constructed to track all sales that originate from the page, enabling advant~age to identify the sales generated by each organisation. The aim behind this is that supporters will choose to buy their everyday products and services via the charity partner, thus purchasing a good value, quality product and helping the charity at the same time. See for more information.

advant~age’s mission for the coming year is to continue to expand the number of charities that it works with and also increase the types of charities that it supports. This then benefits all of its partners as it enables advant~age to negotiate better deals on their behalf and increases brand recognition of advant~age which increases referrals for all of the charities involved.

advant~age is also working with new product providers to develop exciting services that will not only help the charitable partners generate further income, but also really help their supporters and service users.

Jenni Brighton, General Manager is thrilled that advant~age is now featured on the Shop for Change directory. “We feel that Shop for Change is a great campaign and really epitomises what advant~age is all about, the aim for all of us is to increase awareness in the general public that they can buy everyday items from social enterprises that both meet their needs, are affordable, great quality but also support fantastic causes!”




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