Aidem Digital

Aidem Digital Managing Director Indi Deol

Aidem Digital Managing Director Indi Deol

During 2012 Aidem Digital experienced a number of growth spurts that led to 241% growth. ‘From the outset we knew it was going to be a hard year for us as well as many other business around the world so we began early in 2012 planning and strategising our efforts for the year ahead’.

‘Once we had planned what we needed to achieve over the year we rolled up our sleeves and never looked back until now, in 2013. This brings us full circle and starts the whole process off all over again!’

‘We feel that the RBS SE100 index has a fantastic mission and provides a real insight into the state of the economy as well as delivering a positive effect on business within the sector.’ Indi Deol, Managing Director, Aidem Digital.

Aidem Digital CIC is a social enterprise dedicated to developing and delivering media projects that have a social impact. With a specialist interest in social businesses, ethnic minorities and assisting in digital media skills development, the organisation is focused on implementing projects related to these entities in particular.

With a very good understanding of the language and culture of ethnic minorities in the UK, Aidem Digital has found this is a major asset to anyone looking for support to address digital media business needs within these communities or outside of them. With this focus in mind, Aidem Digital has developed a team of cross-cultured individuals both locally and globally. Digital photography, video production, on-line brand development, website design and implementation, graphic design and printing are just a few of the services that Aidem Digital can offer your company.

Commenting on the Shop for Change campaign, Indi Deol, Managing Director said: “Without the existence of campaigns like Shop for Change and organisations like iSE supporting and nurturing social businesses, vital networking and awareness opportunities that they generate would be lost and this sector would suffer hugely”.



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